Author: Chris Faast
Date: 30 November 2020

The Evolution of Hydroponics

Three reasons why hydroponics are key to our future: it’s not just about cannabis.

The hydroponic gardening technique has a long association with the growth of cannabis, however, it’s about so much more.

The practice behind hydroponics extends back thousands of years, but the actual science of it dates back to the 1930s-1940s as a way to grow produce. We believe the cannabis-connection grew from the 1970s, but how hydroponics are used today is more about offering solutions to meet a demand for organic produce, in a way that will sustain our world.

Over time we’ve seen hydroponics grow in popularity and at Aqua Gardening we’ve been proud to provide hydroponics supplies to more and more people who want to change their lives, while beginning a new, sustainable hobby.

Here’s three reasons why hydroponics are key to our future, including yours:

1. For the health conscious

If you’re a consumer who’s been keenly looking for organic fruits and vegetables in the supermarkets, you’re not the only one! Early this year ABC reported the demand for fresh fruit and vegetables was increasing by 20 percent each year. 

Anyone who is conscious about their health would be mindful of chemicals or potentially harmful diseases they’re ingesting. As hydroponics is the science of growing plants without soil, and instead in a nutrient solution with some sort of medium, chemicals aren’t needed to eliminate soil-borne diseases or pests. 

Non-organic fruits and vegetables that you buy from a supermarket are usually exposed to numerous chemicals to make them grow without being inhibited by pests, to extend their seasons, look more appealing, and even for a longer shelf-life. 

Growing your own organic produce means you can control all aspects of what you’re putting into yours and your family’s bodies – that alone should be a good enough reason to start a garden, a hydroponic or otherwise! 

2. Saving money 

In 2019, Australian Organic Limited valued Australia’s domestic organic industry at $2.6 billion. But while the industry continues to grow, we predict it’ll be a while before organic produce is on par with non-organic when it comes to supermarket pricing.

With at-home hydroponic gardening, although there is an initial cost outlay as you get your hydroponics systems in place, and some costs for maintenance, in the long-run growers can potentially save money. As many plants that grow well via hydroponics, such as herbs or tomatoes, can be cut as needed, there’s less chance for wastage – great for sustainability and for your hip-pocket. 

3. Preserving our world 

Hydroponics will be a huge part of our future when it comes to preserving the planet. 

Growing your own hydroponic produce for your family is a healthier and more sustainable way to live, but for mass produce, it holds huge benefits for the environment, including through urban farming. 

Even though the name ‘hydroponics’ describes produce grown in water, the technique actually uses less water than traditional methods. It also burns less petrochemicals due to the produce usually being closer to where it’s sold or consumed - essentially less roads from paddock to plate. 

We’ll continue to see organic produce become more readily available as producers look at vertical farming, including using hydroponic techniques to produce organic produce en masse, with trays upon trays stacked in indoor areas.  

Even in non-urban areas we’re seeing advances in technologies helping hydroponic farming claim its place in the agricultural industry. This includes rows upon rows of tomato vines grown in a desert green house with salt water desalinated by a system powered by solar. 

No matter where you begin your hydroponics journey, there’s ample opportunity to change your future and the future of the world we live in. 

However you want to begin, and however far you want to go, we’re here to help. 

Discover more about hydroponics, via our extensive videosguides and FAQs, and for all your hydroponics needs, including kits, visit our specially curated store.