Change Your Soil's Structure & Garden Performance with Mineral Magic


Mineral Magic Lawn Conditioner - available in 10kg and 20kg bags

Suitable for the smallest home lawn, the local playground, schools, the council oval, the professional turf grower, racetracks, golf course and professional sporting venues.

Rate of Application: 500g per square metre of lawn.

Approximate Granule size: 0.8 - 2 mm

Mineral Magic Garden Conditioner - available in 10kg and 20kg bags

Suitable from the basic plant pot/hanging basket, home garden, vegetable patch, municipal parks & gardens right through to the commercial grower/farmer. 

Rate of Application: 500g per square metre of garden soil.

Approximate Granule size: 2 - 4 mm

Mineral Magic Aquaponics Growing Media or Pond Filtration - available in 10kg bags

Suitable for the use in hydroponic net pots, or as the growing media in an Aquaponics Grow Bed. Can also be used for filtration in Ponds. Use as a grow media enhancer in hydroponics, or as a standalone grow media in Aquaponics flood and drain grow beds.

Approximate Granule size: 4 - 10 mm


Mineral Magic Lawn & Garden Conditioner Features and Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits that our Agronomy team has been able to claim under laboratory conditions to Australian Standard testing.

  • Increased growth & quality – aesthetic and less susceptible to disease, heat stress and insects
  • Reduced plant stress losses – lower cost by less water and nutrients required
  • Works as a natural filter – removes impurities from the water and the soil
  • Reduced water usage – lower costs and protect the environment
  • Reduced leaching – protects the environment and saving on fertilisers
  • Aids run off – use less water and protects our most scarce resource
  • Phenomenal CEC (Cation Exchange) properties – stores and releases nutrient on demand
  • Reduced pesticide/chemical usage – lower costs and protect the environment and people Increased safety to grower & community – certified 100% organic and inert
  • Improved soil condition & fertility – 100% key to quality gardens. Below ground rules above ground
  • Aids carbon production in the soil – reduces atmospheric CO2 and therefore protects ozone layer
  • Inert and doesn’t interfere with pH – assists with availability of take up of nutrients


What is Mineral Magic?

Both a product and a company name - Mineral Magic is an innovative Australian horticultural solutions company providing a wide range of sustainable products with beneficial outcomes for both our clients and the environment.


Where Does Mineral Magic Come From?

Mineral Magic comes from a silica resource in Western Australia. Technically, mineral magic is a biogenic amorphous silica (BAS) "deposit" occurring entirely above the water table and outcropping over most of its area allowing for easy and low-cost mining and processing.

The raw BAS material "ore" is processed to produce Granulated Biogenic Amorphous Silica – suitable as a growth substrate in Hydroponics or as a soil improver in Horticultural and Agricultural operations. It is also perfect as a filtration and adsorption medium for hydrocarbons and heavy metals. Ground Biogenic Amorphous Silica – suitable for use in concrete manufacturing and building products, and as a filler and builder in paints, coatings and detergents.

(SKU: 131049)

SKU 131049
Barcode # 9358081000015
Brand Mineral Magic
Warranty Length Limited Warranty
Warranty Conditions Limited Warranty
Shipping Weight 10.00 kg
Type Grow Media

Limited Warranty - This product has been stored in a controlled environment to ensure you will receive the best quality product possible. Due to this reason this product is sold on a strict no refund or return policy, unless it falls under a warranty claim.


Product Manual

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