Oase Filtoclear Pressure Filter and UV Clarifier: Transform Your Pond with Ultimate Clarity

Upgrade your pond with the Oase Filtoclear Pressure Filter and UV Clarifier, an innovative and effective solution that combines advanced filter technology and UV clarification to achieve crystal-clear water. Ensure the health and beauty of your pond with ease, thanks to the unique Easy Clean Technology that simplifies maintenance.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated UVC Clarifier: Effectively eliminates algae and harmful microorganisms to maintain water clarity and promote a healthy aquatic ecosystem
  • Easy Clean Technology: Simplifies filter maintenance with a few simple steps, saving you time and effort
  • Clear-water Guarantee: Achieve optimal water quality and clarity when used correctly, enhancing the beauty and health of your pond
  • Versatile Installation Options: Can be used either above or below the pond's surface, or as a filter and pump for a watercourse or water feature
  • High-Quality German Engineering: Rely on durable seals and o-rings for long-lasting performance, with the ability to install the pressure filter as low as 2m below the output point for regular flow

How to Use

  1. Select a suitable location for the Oase Filtoclear Pressure Filter and UV Clarifier, either above or below the pond's surface.
  2. Connect the filter to a suitable pump (not included) and properly route the necessary tubing.
  3. Prime the filter system by filling it with water, ensuring all air bubbles are released.
  4. Plug the filter and pump into an appropriate electrical outlet and start the system to begin filtering and sustaining your pond's water quality.
  5. Maintain the filter regularly using the Easy Clean Technology by simply rinsing the filter elements and removing accumulated debris.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

The Oase Filtoclear Pressure Filter and UV Clarifier is perfect for pond enthusiasts seeking an easy-to-maintain solution that effectively combines advanced filtration and UV clarification technology. Ideal for pond owners aiming to improve water clarity and promote a healthy, beautiful aquatic ecosystem. This biofilter is suitable for various pond sizes and applications, including watercourses and water features.

Oase Filtoclear Pressure Filter and UV Clarifier Specifications

Model Filtoclear 3000 Filtoclear 5000 Filtoclear 13000 Filtoclear 19000 Filtoclear 31000
Pond Size (L) Decorative/Fish 3000/1500 5000/2500 13000/7000 19000/10000/5000(Koi) 31000/15000/7500(Koi)
Max Flow Of Supply Pump (L/hr) 4000 5000 9000 13000 17000
Max Operating Pressure (Bar)   0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2
UVC Lamp (Watts) 9 18 24 42 60
Voltage (Volts AC) 240 240 240 240 240
Cable Length (m) 5 5 5 5 5
Connection Size (mm) 19/25/32/38 38/50 38/50 38/50 38/50
Weight (kg) 5 8 8.8 9.6 10.3
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H 380 x 380 x 310 380 x 380 x 370 380 x 380 x 488 380 x 380 x 608 380 x 380 x 728


How does the Oase Filtoclear Pressure Filter and UV Clarifier work?

The Oase Filtoclear is an innovative pressure filter that combines advanced filtration technology with an integrated UVC clarifier. The filter and UVC clarifier work together to remove impurities and harmful organisms from the water, resulting in a clean and healthy pond environment.

Is a pump included with the Oase Filtoclear?

No, the Oase Filtoclear bio filter does not come with a pump. You will need to purchase a suitable pump separately in order to use it effectively with your pond.

What is the Easy Clean Technology feature?

The Easy Clean Technology simplifies the cleaning process, allowing you to easily maintain the filter with just a few simple steps. This innovative feature ensures maximum efficiency and keeps the filter functioning effectively at all times.

How versatile is the Oase Filtoclear as a pond filter system?

The Oase Filtoclear is a versatile pond filtration system that can be used externally, either above or below the surface. Additionally, it can function as a filter and pump for a watercourse or other water features, making it a perfect choice for various pond setups.

Can the Oase Filtoclear be installed below the output point?

Yes, the Oase Filtoclear is a pressure filter that can be installed as low as 2m below the output point for regular flow. The high-quality seals and o-rings supplied within the system ensure a reliable operation even when installed below the output point.

What is the cable length for the Oase Filtoclear?

The Oase Filtoclear comes with a cable length of 5 metres, allowing for flexibility in installation and setup.

Is the Oase Filtoclear made in Germany?

Yes, the Oase Filtoclear is a high-quality German-made product, ensuring top performance and durability for your pond filtration needs.

What is the Clear-water Guarantee?

The Clear-water Guarantee is an assurance provided by Oase that guarantees clear water when the Filtoclear is used correctly. This shows the confidence Oase has in the performance and effectiveness of their Filtoclear pressure filter and UV clarifier.

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