Oasis Horticube Aeromax Propagation Slabs: Enhance Your Hydroponic Plant Growth

Experience the next level of hydroponic plant growth with the Oasis Horticube Aeromax Propagation Slabs. These innovative 25mm x 162 cube slabs are specifically designed with AeroMax technology to provide the perfect environment for young plants to flourish. The open matrix design helps your plants grow at an accelerated pace, with improved drainage and less algae growth. These slabs are perfect for both overhead and sub-irrigation systems, offering you incredible precision and control over your plants' growth.

Features and Benefits

  • New generation AeroMax technology: Increases porosity and airflow for optimal drainage and reduced algae growth
  • Pathogen-free environment: Promotes healthy plant growth and reduces the risk of disease
  • Easy to use: Simply soak the cubes with nutrient water and sow your seeds
  • Maximum air-filled pore space: Ensures uniform germination and growth for your plants
  • Unrestricted root growth and development: The ultra-low density and strength of the cubes promote strong root systems

How to Use

  1. Soak the Horticube Aeromax Propagation Slabs with nutrient water
  2. Sow seeds into the individual cubes
  3. Place the slabs in a suitable propagation chamber under appropriate lighting
  4. Monitor and maintain optimal environmental conditions for the specific plants you are growing

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

The Oasis Horticube Aeromax Propagation Slabs are ideal for hydroponic farmers, commercial growers, and gardening enthusiasts who want to maximise the growth and health of their young plants. The AeroMax technology is perfect for both overhead and sub-irrigation systems, providing optimal conditions for a wide variety of plant species.


What is Oasis Horticube Aeromax technology designed for?

Oasis Horticube Aeromax technology is engineered specifically for the precision growing of young plants for hydroponic farming. It features a unique open matrix that allows young plants to prosper in the maximum air-filled substrate.

Can the AeroMax technology be used in different irrigation situations?

Yes, AeroMax technology works well in both overhead and sub-irrigation situations and is designed to avoid overwatering of young plants.

How do Aeromax Propagation Cubes promote uniform germination and growth?

The maximum air-filled pore space in the Aeromax Propagation Cubes allows uniform germination and growth of young plants.

What are the benefits of using the Aeromax Propagation Cubes in my hydroponic system?

Using Aeromax Propagation Cubes can speed up young plant growth by 20-30% compared to other engineered substrates, provide a clean and pathogen-free environment, and help control algae growth due to the drier surface.

How should I prepare the Aeromax Propagation Cubes to sow seeds?

To prepare the Aeromax Propagation Cubes, simply soak them with nutrient water and sow the seeds.

Can the Aeromax Propagation Cubes be separated easily at transplant?

Yes, the Aeromax Propagation Cubes are designed with a unique etching around each plug to easily separate during the transplant process.

What is the configuration of the 162 cube slab?

The 162 cube slab is supplied in half for shipping purposes, as a pair of 9 x 9 cubes (81 x 2). The whole slab measures 52 x 26 x 4cm, and when split in half, it measures 26 x 26 x 4cm high. Each cube has a size of 25mm x 25mm.

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