pH Pond Treatments

The pH of a pond determines the availability of chemical compounds present in it. If the pH of a pond falls below 6, it is called an acidic pond. If the pH rises above 7, it is called an alkaline pond. Too much acidic or too much alkaline indicates bad water quality. Pond water becomes acidic when the amount of dissolved carbon dioxide increases. Dissolved carbon dioxide reacts with water and produces carbonic acid. On the other hand, water becomes alkaline due to the presence of photosynthetic algae.

It is recommended to maintain the pH level of pond water at around 7. Aqua Gardening stocks products that can be used to control the pH level of pond water. If the pH is too high (alkaline in nature), you can use pH Pond Adjust Down, and if the pH is too low (acidic in nature), you can use pH Pond Adjust Up. The pH products we recommend are safe for use in ponds which contain fish and other aquatic species.

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