Potassium Silicate AgSil 1L for Plant Health and Fortification

OGS Potassium Silicate, also known as AgSil, is a powerful supplement designed for foliar feeding or use as a wetting agent in small amounts. Enrich your plants with silica and potassium for stronger cell walls, increased resilience to pests and pathogens, improved growth, and healthier, more fruitful plants.

Features and Benefits

  • Potent Silica Content: Silica strengthens and fortifies plant cell walls, resulting in darker leaves that maximise photosynthesis potential and promote better growth.
  • Deterring Pests and Pathogens: With stronger cell walls, plants become more resistant to infestations from sucking insects such as whiteflies and aphids, as well as common pathogens like powdery mildew and pythium.
  • Enhanced Metabolism and Pollen Fertility: The silica in AgSil helps regulate the uptake and utilization of essential nutrients, supporting a balanced and healthy plant system.
  • Potassium Enrichment: Potassium supports plant reproductive development and increases their ability to absorb and utilise carbon dioxide, making it an essential nutrient for overall health and growth.
  • Versatile Application: AgSil can be used either as a foliar feed or in small amounts as a wetting agent to fortify your plants effectively.

How to Use

  1. Add 25 mL of AgSil per 10 L of water for foliar feeding.
  2. Apply every 2 weeks or as required for regular treatment, ensuring thorough coverage of leaves.
  3. For spot-spraying, mix 25 mL of AgSil per 10 L of water and use as needed.
  4. Adjust pH using a buffer such as humic acid, as the product is alkaline in nature.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

AgSil is best for hobbyists and professionals alike who want to optimise their plants' health, resistance, and productivity. Ideal for use in various types of gardening projects, including hydroponics, soil-based cultivation, and greenhouse settings. It is particularly useful for flowering plants that require increased potassium and silica for optimal development.

Notes from Aqua Gardening

  • Due to the alkalinity of AgSil, it is optimal to use a buffer like humic acid to adjust the pH before application.
  • This listing is for 1L of AgSil. Use as directed for best results.


What are the benefits of using Potassium Silicate AgSil in my garden?

Potassium Silicate AgSil provides multiple benefits for your plants, including the reinforcement and fortification of cell walls, leading to darker green leaves that improve photosynthesis and growth. It also bolsters your plants' resilience against pests and pathogens, resulting in healthier plants and larger yields. Additionally, it helps in balancing the uptake of essential elements, reducing the effects of problematic metals and increases the fertility of pollen for successful breeding and healthy progeny.

How does Silica help in protecting my plants against pests and diseases?

Once Silica is absorbed by the plant leaves, it deposits into the cell walls and forms a silica-cellulose framework which reinforces the cell walls. These stronger cell walls help shield your plants from infestations by sucking insects like whiteflies and aphids. Furthermore, Silica stimulates the production of anti-fungal compounds to halt infection processes if any pathogen attacks occur.

What role does Potassium play in the growth and development of my plants?

Potassium is essential for the development and flowering of plants. It aids in improving the plants' ability to uptake and utilise CO2, which is necessary for all stages of growth.

How should I apply Potassium Silicate AgSil to my plants?

AgSil must be foliar fed by mixing 25 mL per 10 L of water, applied every two weeks or as required. For spot-spraying, mix 25 mL per 10 L of water as needed. Note that you should buffer the pH with an acidic substance such as humic acid due to the alkalinity of this product.

Is this a 1L bottle of Potassium Silicate AgSil?

Yes, this listing is for a 1L bottle of Potassium Silicate AgSil.

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Foliar feed, Effective against pests, and fortifies cell walls for healthier plants with bigger yields, Silica strengthens cell walls, Increases plant resilience, and balances element uptake, Potassium aids flowering and CO2 uptake

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