Introducing Aqua Gardening's Small Aquaponics System. This kit is very simple to setup. Just add water, fish, plants and connect to two 240V power outlets!

The water pump inside the fish tank pumps water up into the grow bed. The water floods the grow bed and waters the plants. The water then drains back into the fish tank. The pump is connected to a pre-programmed timer and the cycle repeats itself several times a day. The air pump aerates the water for the fish in the fish tank.

The Small Aquaponics System has a very low power consumption and only uses 11 Watts of power maximum (during the periods when the pump is operating). The Aquaponic grow bed uses a flood and drain cycle, so the pump only runs for around 10hrs per day.

Parts Included in the Small Aquaponics System

  • Grow Bed - 30L (inert black polypropylene)
  • Round fish tank - 90L
  • Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles
  • Aluminium Frame - 80cm high
  • Water Pump - 2 year warranty (1.5m lead)
  • Air pump and airstone (has a 1.5m lead and uses 2.5W of power)
  • Irrigation fittings including flexible tube and specialised fittings
  • 24hr Timer with timing programmed
  • Setup and Aquaponics Guide

Getting the Small Aquaponics System Up and Running is Simple

Our suggestion is to start with 4 - 8 goldfish in the system. If you are experienced with Aquaponics you could start with 20 perch fingerlings and grow them for 2-4 months, before transferring them to a larger system. Our Small Aquaponics System ran for 3 years in the Enoggera Shop on display. During that time we grew 2 large crops of basil, tomatoes, chillies and Kang Kong (Water Spinach), just to name a few things. The Kang Kong produced great spinach leaves for 3 months.


SKU 124372
Brand Kit
Shipping Weight 27.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.700m
Shipping Height 0.700m
Shipping Length 0.700m
Shipping Cubic 0.343000000m3
Type Kits

Product includes:

  • 1 x Aqua One Maxi Water Pump [102]
  • 1 x Serenity Air Pump [100L/hr]
  • 1 x Marina Air Stones Pack of 4 [2.5cm]
  • 1 x Black Poly Crate Tub 32L [1 Tub]
  • 2 x Tub Outlet Screen
  • 4 x 3 Way Corner for 25mm Aluminium Square Tube [25mm]
  • 4 x 2 Way Elbow for 25mm Aluminium Square Tube [25mm]
  • 1 x Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles [1 x 45L]
  • 1 x HPM 24hr Mechanical Timer Single Pack 15min Increments
  • 1 x Tub Outlet [25mm]
  • 1 x Tub Outlet [13mm]
  • 3 x Tub Outlet Extension

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