SuperSoil has been made to provide more than enough nutrients for your crop, so that it can be grown entirely with water. SuperSoil mimicks the richness and diversity of a well-established rhizosphere, so you don't have to adjust the pH or deal with nutrient imbalances.

The nutrient dense amendments provide enough nutrients for your plants needs in just the bottom half of the pot! SuperSoil is a 'Hot' compost, so a plant’s roots shouldn't touch it when transplanting.


Super Soil Components

Oyster Shell Flour - Composed of 96% Calcium Carbonate, with trace elements, kelp & microbes. Oyster shell flour not only releases calcium & trace elements, but is also a liming agent, improves tilth, provides favourable conditions for microbial activity, stimulating enzyme activity and increasing Cationic Exchange Capacity (CEC). The slow release calcium helps to increase the structural integrity of plants, promote new growth and increase resistance to disease.

Bokashi - Invites a galaxy of beneficial bacteria and fungi that result in increased yields and healthier plants via probiotic effects in the soil. They hasten the breakdown of amendments and transport them to the plant as part of a symbiotic relationship, and help to ward off nematodes and other invaders.

BioChar - A special type of agricultural charcoal high in carbon content. BioChar increases the amount of sequestered carbon available to the plant and assists in purifying toxic heavy metals in the water/soil, providing both water retention and aeration, as well as an environment for microbes to inoculate. 

Malted Barley Grain - An exceptionally rich source of microbes, with a wide range of bacteria, filamentous fungi & yeasts colonising the area between the husk and the pericarp which produce biologically significant levels of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), a hormone that promotes cell division and is essential for the proper development of plant organs. 

Kelp Meal - A mild source of Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium (1-0.5-3), and is a source of trace minerals, amino acids, plant micro-nutrients & natural plant hormones. Specifically noted to reduce stress associated with transplant & heat shock. Your plants will grow quicker and transition more smoothly after transplants.

Neem Cake - A fantastic source of NPK with values of 4-2-2 respectively. There are several molecules in neem cake such as Azadirachtin, Salannin & Nimbin which provide integrated pest management to your garden, acting as an antifeedant for over 200 species of insects.

Epsom Salt - Provides Magnesium, which is necessary for Calcium uptake; as well as Sulphur which is not only the most important element for flavour, but also plays a vital role in nitrogen fixation and is used as a catalyst. 

Dolomite Lime - Acts to counter the soil pH dropping (caused by microbes) and can be thought of as a pH buffer. It also provides another source of both Ca & Mg.

Azomite - A trace element source, conditioning agent and also helps plants better absorb nutrients from soil. The rare earth elements present in Azomite enhance nitrogen fixation by Azotobacter species, which bind atmospheric nitrogen and release it as ammonium ions into the soil. The Azomite acts to reduce stress caused by drought by enhancing Abscisic acid (ABA) production, in turn minimizes the water lost by a plant in transpiration.

Blood 'n' Bone Meal - High in Calcium, Nitrogen, Phosphorus (8-5-1). It improves soil microbial activity and promotes worm growth and development by providing available organic material. 

Humic & Fulvic Acids - Organic polymers which coordinate and chelate with macro-molecules/metals, and assist in facilitating uptake. They act to neutralise soil pH, allowing trace elements to become available to the plant. You will notice increased gains in plant growth and the flavour & size of the harvest.

Guano Powder - A special sulfur & silica rich Guano which acts to strengthen the plants stems, stimulate soil microbes, improve soil structure.


How To Finish The Recipe?

Mix 25L of SuperSoil Compost Mix with 25L of Peat Moss or Coco Coir & 20L of Aeration ingredient (eg. Perlite/Pumice/Scoria/Rice Hulls) resulting in 70L of final SuperSoil Mix!

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