Enhance Your Garden with Top-Dress Mulch Kit 2kg

OGS Top-Dress Mulch is a premium blend of Bokashi, two grades of Alfalfa Meal, Neem Cake, ground Malt Barley, and Wheat Bran. This nutrient-rich mix is designed to foster an ideal micro-climate for NoTill gardening, by slowly releasing nutrients and microbes into the root-ball of your plants with every watering. Additionally, the mulch layer helps retain moisture in the topsoil and stimulates optimal growth for both bacterial and fungal microbes, resulting in a lush and vibrant garden.

Features and Benefits

  • Premium Ingredients: OGS Top-Dress Mulch is formulated with Bokashi, two grades of Alfalfa Meal, Neem Cake, ground Malt Barley, and Wheat Bran for optimal plant nutrition.
  • Ideal Micro-Climate: The combination of fine and coarse layers creates a perfect environment for NoTill gardening, promoting the growth of beneficial microbes.
  • Slow Nutrient Release: The blend allows microbes such as lactobacillus to slowly metabolise the amendments, providing a steady supply of nutrients and microbes to the root-ball of your plants.
  • Moisture Retention: The mulch layer encapsulates moisture in the topsoil and immediate rhizosphere, creating ideal conditions for bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Improved Plant Health: Plants receive essential nutrients and microbial support for enhanced growth, ensuring a lush, vibrant garden.

How to Use

  1. Remove any large debris or weeds from the area you will be applying the mulch.
  2. Evenly distribute a layer of OGS Top-Dress Mulch across the soil surface, around the base of your plants.
  3. Apply the mulch to a thickness of 2-4cm, ensuring adequate coverage and moisture retention.
  4. Water your plants as usual, making sure the mulch remains consistently damp but not waterlogged.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

OGS Top-Dress Mulch is ideal for gardeners practicing NoTill gardening methods, where cultivating a thriving micro-environment of microbes is essential. This mulch is best suited for garden beds, potted plants, and landscapes of all sizes, promoting the growth of healthy, robust plants.


What are the key ingredients in the Top-Dress Mulch?

Top-Dress Mulch is composed of Bokashi, two grades of Alfalfa Meal, Neem Cake, ground Malt Barley, and Wheat Bran. These ingredients work together to create a nutrient-rich, microbe-friendly environment for your plants.

How does Top-Dress Mulch improve my garden's soil?

The combination of ingredients in Top-Dress Mulch helps create a micro-climate that supports beneficial bacteria and fungi in a NoTill environment. As the mulch breaks down, nutrients and microbes are slowly released into the root ball, nourishing your plants.

Can Top-Dress Mulch help with moisture retention in my garden?

Yes, the mulch layer created by Top-Dress Mulch helps encapsulate moisture in the topsoil and immediate rhizosphere. This promotes better hydration for your plants, as well as allowing bacteria and fungal microbes to function more effectively.

Is Top-Dress Mulch suitable for all types of plants?

Top-Dress Mulch is designed to support a wide range of plants in various growing environments. Its composition allows for the slow release of nutrients and beneficial microbes, making it ideal for maintaining healthy plant growth.

How do I apply Top-Dress Mulch to my garden?

To apply Top-Dress Mulch, spread a thin layer of the finer amendment directly onto the soil around your plants. Follow this with a thicker layer of the coarser grade, ensuring that it covers the entire surface. This technique creates an environment in which microbes can thrive and nutrients can easily reach your plants' root-ball.

How often do I need to reapply Top-Dress Mulch to maintain its benefits?

The frequency of reapplication depends on factors such as plant growth rate, watering schedule, and the specific needs of your garden. Keep an eye on the mulch layer's condition and thickness, and replenish it when necessary to maintain a healthy environment for your plants.

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Acts as a micro-climate perfect for a NoTill environment, Leaches nutrients and microbes into the root-ball of the plant, Allows microbes to inoculate the mulch and slowly metabolize the amendments, Slow degradation for both microbes and nutrients to be leached into the root-ball each watering, Encapsulates moisture in the topsoil/immediate rhizosphere, Facilitates bacteria and fungal microbes to function most adequately

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