Our Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is “To make everyone a gardener”. This is a BIG vision, but we truly believe everyone and anyone can become a gardener in their own home.



For us to achieve this audacious goal, our mission is to empower people to master their health by making gardening accessible, sustainable, successful & easy.

It’s no secret that being able to grow your own produce at home is extremely rewarding, but sometimes can be hard. That’s why we create innovative products and tools that help our customers achieve maximum results, with minimum effort!

In 2020, home gardening doesn’t have to mean throwing on the gloves or getting on your hands and knees. Using our tech solutions from our one-stop-shop, the new era of home gardening puts the power back in the palm of your hands.

We are changing the way traditional gardening is done making it EASY to get success, even with a busy lifestyle!



Aqua Gardening is a value-driven organisation who are focused on the success of our customers, AND our team. We are guided by 6 core values:

1. We learn, we share, we inspire.
Just like your produce, we never stop growing! Our team is constantly staying up to date with the latest tools and techniques to ensure you harvest the results!. These learnings are shared with our community to help you stay motivated and feel inspired.

 2. We make it happen.

A ‘make-it-happen’ attitude is about taking responsibility for internal projects and customer successes. All while being efficient and innovative. We wholistically drive every project to completion while never compromising on quality of service.

3. Building for a better, simpler and easier future

Our team is always thinking, “how can I do this better?” and as such are constantly developing new solutions that drive our business forward and improve the solutions and product offerings for our customers.

4. Come from the heart - Be compassionate, respectful and humble

Everyone is at a different stage of their journey. We always are respectful of where each person is and how we can help each other progress. Gardening takes patience, compassion and care. And that’s the approach we take to all our interactions.

5. Customer success is the key to our success

When you, our customer, have a successful gardening experience, you feel empowered, educated and supported, that’s us doing our job! We are truly living out our vision.

6. Be happy and celebrate success!

When we come to work, we come to an environment that we love and are passionate about. We change lives and empower others to do more with theirs. We laugh, we have fun, we form bonds that last a lifetime.

Seeing an environment like this is infectious, you can’t help but smile when you see someone smiling. We like to celebrate that.
We love to see what our community is getting upto! Share your project success with us, send us an email at support@aquagardening.com.au or tag and share on our socials. Facebook & Instagram.