The AquaGarden Biologic pressure filter range includes both mechanical & biological filtration functions with an integrated Ultra Violet Clarifier to ensure clear water all the time. The UVC lamp can be optionally turned on or off. A combination of Bio-foam and Bio-balls are used within the filter. Foam filtration within the unit will require occasional removal and cleaning dependant on the ecological demands of the pond. We do not recommend Biologic Pressure filters for koi ponds or systems with high fish stock levels.

Biologic Pressure filters are to be used with a pond pump. The submersible pond pump will pump water into the filter inlet, and clean water out of the outlet in normal operation. For backwash cleaning, the pond pump should be turned off, the Biologic filter dial turned to backwash / garden, and the pond pump turned back on. This will pump pond water out of the pond and out of the filter into the 2nd outlet - very beneficial for the garden. Once the backwash is complete, the pond pump should be turned off once again, the Biologic dial is turned back to pond, and the pond pump can be turned back on for normal operation. For very dirty ponds, the filter sponges inside of the pressure filter should be rinsed in a bucket of the pond's water.

We do not recommend having the outlet of the filter higher than the discharge point, as this may create too much force on the seals and cause the unit to leak. The pond discharge point should always be close and lower than the filter itself.

AquaGarden Biologic UVC Pond Filter Specifications

Model 8000 UVC 12000 UVC
Pond Size (L) Decorative/Fish 8000/4000 12000/6000
Max Flow Of Supply Pump (L/hr) 4000 6000
Max Head Of Supply Pump  (m) 3 3
Filter Volume (L) 20 25
Power Usage (Watts) 9 11
UVC Lamp (Watts) 9 11
Voltage (Volts AC) 240 240
Cable Length (m) 5 5
Inlet/Outlet Size (mm) 25/32/38 25/32/38
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H 355 x 345 x 440 255 x 345 x 560

(SKU: AG1169)


SKU AG1169
Brand Aquagarden
Warranty Conditions Repair Warranty
Type Pond Filtration

Repair Warranty - Manufacturer warranty, this product needs to be returned to Aqua Gardening and then sent to the supplier for testing and repair.


Product Manual

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