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Automatic Bell Siphon

  • Aquaponics bell siphon for 220mm – 300mm deep grow beds
  • Also known as an auto siphon for flood and drain aquaponics
  • Recommended for growbeds between 200L and 1000L
  • To install, drill a 30mm hole at the lowest point of your growbed and follow the installation guide
  • Comes with rubber seals and outlet pipe tail

How does an Aquaponics Bell Siphon work?

As your growbed fills with water over the height of the inner bell, the water will create a siphon due to to gravity. The siphon will then drain the growbed to the bottom of the bell where air will break the siphon and the growbed will start to fill again and automatically repeat the flood and drain cycle.

Bell Siphon Installation and Troubleshooting

Full colour instructions are included with the Bell Siphons. To assist with selecting the right bell siphon size, you should select the size which matches the depth of the media in your grow bed.

  • For example, for a 300mm grow bed, filled with 270mm of media, the 300mm bell siphon suits. For the 300mm bell siphon, the outer guard is 300mm which will keep the media from entering the siphon. 
  • For a 270 - 300mm deep grow bed with 240mm of media, a 250mm Bell Siphon is perfect to keep the media out being just above the surface of the media. You can add a 90mm Mosquito Sceen to the top of the siphon to prevent the media falling inside.


SKU AG1207
Brand Future Gardens
Type Aquaponics

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