A backup aeration system is a must have for any Aquaponics systems that is stocked with fish. When the 240V power goes out, the fish in the system only have hours to live. The Automatic Switch is a device that will turn on your backup aeration system automatically, as soon as the mains power is lost. The backup switch can be used with any DC battery, and it can also power any DC device up to 15Amps and 32Volts or less.

The backup system could be a DC air pump or a water pump connected to a 12Volt battery which will keep your fish alive in the event of a power failure or power outage. When combined with a deep cycle battery and a DC Air pump, an Aquaponics fish tank will stay aerated for up to a whole day. Combined with a solar panel, the backup system could have power indefinitely.

Backup Switch Instructions:

1. Plug the 240V power pack into a power point or power board on the same circuit as your aquaponics system.
2. Connect a DC battery (not included) to the input wires.
3. Connect a DC air pump and/or water pump (not included) to the output wires.

When the mains power goes out, your backup system will be powered on. When the mains power returns, your backup system will turn off and is ready to turn back on again in case of another power outage.

Which Air Pump / Water Pump / Device Can You Use?

Any DC air pump, DC water pump or DC device can be used, as long as it is less than 32Volts and doesn't draw more than 15 Amps.

We stock the following 12 Volt DC pumps which are suitable for use with the backup switch:

Which Battery Can You Use With The Backup System?

Any battery can be used as long as it is 32Volts DC or under. Make sure that the battery voltage is the same as the device you are powering. The bigger the battery amp hours, the longer the running time of your backup system. For example a 12Volt 100Ah deep cycle battery will run a 12Volt 2Amp air pump for around 20 hours. The cost of such a battery is around $200. A smaller 12Volt car battery for $100 can also be used. It will still run the same air pump but for a shorter amount of time.

How Do You Keep Your Backup Battery Charged?

We recommend plugging in a car trickle charger or a solar panel to keep your backup battery (not included) topped up. This way, the battery will stay charged and ready to run your backup system as soon as the power goes out. Most power outages only last a few hours, as soon as the 240Volt power returns, the switch will turn off the backup system automatically. In the event of another power outage, the automatic backup switch will be ready turn on your backup system once again.


The automatic backup switch is rated to a maximum of 15 Amps and can run any DC device as long as it is 32 Volts or under. This means that a 6V, 12V, 18V, 24V or 32V battery and device can be used with the backup system.

The automatic backup system is water resistant, but not completely waterproof. It is best to place it in a cool dry place away from the sun, for example inside a protective (and ventilated) battery box.

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SKU 124390
Brand Future Gardens
Warranty Length 1 Year
Warranty Conditions Repair Warranty
Shipping Weight 0.83 kg
Type Pumps - Solar

Repair Warranty - Manufacturer warranty, this product needs to be returned to Aqua Gardening and then sent to the supplier for testing and repair.

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