Complete LED Grow Tent Kits for Exceptional Indoor Gardening

Our Complete LED Grow Tent Kits provide the perfect indoor gardening solution, offering a range of kits designed for various plant growth stages. The 1.2x1.2m kits come with 240W, 320W, or 480W options, depending on your specific plant requirements. These kits offer complete control over the growing environment, making it effortless for beginners and experienced gardeners alike to achieve fantastic results.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy Setup: Our Complete Grow Tent Kits include all necessary components for a hassle-free assembly.
  • Control the Environment: Optimize temperature, humidity, air exchange, and lighting conditions for your plants with these grow tents.
  • Enhanced Photosynthesis: Boost plant growth by ensuring maximum leaf exposure to light.
  • Cost Savings: Enjoy up to 10% off Retail Prices when purchasing a complete kit.
  • Multiple Options: Choose from different light options (240W, 320W, or 480W) to suit your plant's needs.

How to Use

  1. Select the appropriate Complete Grow Tent Kit based on your plants' stage of growth and light requirements.
  2. Assemble the grow tent following the included instructions, ensuring all components are securely in place.
  3. Install the LED grow light, properly securing it with the hanging ratchets provided.
  4. Connect and arrange other necessary components, such as the carbon filter, fans, and air ducting.
  5. Add your choice of containers or pots with your desired growing medium, positioning plants for maximum light exposure.
  6. Program the HPM 24hr Timer to control lighting conditions and adjust the dimmable power supply for the LED grow light as needed.
  7. Monitor and manage the growing environment regularly for the best results, making necessary adjustments in temperature and humidity levels when required.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

Our Complete LED Grow Tent Kits are ideal for gardeners of all levels looking to grow healthy and thriving plants indoors. These kits are perfect for city dwellers, individuals with limited outdoor gardening space, or those wanting greater control over their plants' environmental conditions. They are also suitable for different types of plants, from seedlings to mature plants requiring various light intensities and durations.

Notes from Aqua Gardening

  • Always follow assembly instructions and safety precautions outlined in the user manual.
  • Keep the grow tent and its components away from water sources and ensure proper ventilation to minimise the risk of mold or mildew.
  • Maintain proper distance between plants and the LED grow lights to avoid any heat damage or stunted growth.

Big Lizard LED Grow Light Specifications

Led Fixture

Goanna Slimline LED Grow Light [240W] Komodo Slimline LED Grow Light 3000K [480W] Perentie Slimline LED Grow Light [320W]
Power 240 Watts 480 Watts 320 W



48V 48V

Colour Temperature (Kelvin)

3.5 K

3.5 K 3.5 K


Samsung LM301H x 504

Epistar 660nM x 72

1008 x Samsung LM301H

144 x Epistar 660nm

Samsung LM301H x 756

Epistar 660nm x 108

Flowering Footprint

63cm x 120cm (2ft x 4ft)

4.5' X 4.5' (with 2 kits)

120 cm x 120cm (4ft x 4ft) Up to 63 x 120cm
(2 x 4ft)

Veg Footprint

90cm x 180cm (3ft x 6ft)

Up to 90 x 150cm
(3 x 5ft)
Coverage 0.6m² 1.0m² 0.8m²

System Efficiency

200 Lm/W

200 Lm/W 200 Lm/W

Manufacture Date

August 2020

August 2020 August 2020


630mm x 195mm

50cm x 66cm 935 x 195
Weight 4.5kg 9.5kg 6.5
Water Resistance Oil Coated Oil Coated Oil-Coated

Recommended Mounting Height

50 to 80cm (20-32 inches)

50 to 80cm (20-32 inches)

What else will you need for your Complete Grow Tent Setup?

We take care of everything to care for the plants, like fertiliser (nutrient), grow media and lighting. There will be some other basic things that will make you life easier when you are getting started.

  • A bucket or measuring jug to water the plants with (50 cent bucket will do, we sell a measuring jug that is useful to check how much you are watering plants.
  • Heater / Cooling? If you're in the southern states, consider a warmer area indoors for the system. If you're in the north, consider where your air con is. If your uncomfortable, your plants are likely to be too. This makes them grow slowly.
  • A change of clothes to keep the outdoor bugs out of your grow area!

More Detail? Each Grow Tent Kit Includes

  1. LED Grow Light - Full Spectrum "Big Lizard" series Quantum Board Grow Light
  2. Fabric Pots - these type of pots for gardening are virtually impossible to overwater. Thanks to the permeable structure of the fabric, water can flow down and through the bottom of the pot, draining evenly
  3. Can Fan RK125 - Can-Fan RK german-made vent fan. It is equipped with a thermal switch, that turns off the motor if it reaches a dangerous working temperature.
  4. Powerplant (1.2 x 1.2 x 2m high) Tent - The Powerhouse Indoor Grow Tent range is now a leading grow tent line, featuring most of the best characteristics from the most expensive tents, but remaining at a price to suit entry level budgets.
  5. Coco Brick - Hygen Coco Peat is pH stabilised to maintain steady pH conditions around the root zone. Calcium / Magnesium are used to buffer the coco peat to assist in conditioning and to eliminate nuisance chemicals such as sodium.
  6. 125mm Aluminium Ducting - Silver ducting made from aluminium, comes in a variety of diameters and is easy to cut.
  7. Can GT300 Carbon Filter - The Can-Lite GT (Grow Tent) range of carbon filters are designed to be slim to minimises space wastage at the top of grow tents, allowing for greated overall plant height. Made in Holland.
  8. Jack Chain - The chain is 2.0mm thick and available by the metre or in bulk 30m or 60m lengths.
  9. Alum Tape - A regular width - 48mm wide (2"). Roll is 2m long. Great for joining aluminium ducting to flanges and fans.
  10. Sticky Fly Trap - A long lasting and weatherproof sticky trap for monitoring flying insects.
  11. HPM Timer - 10A Switch. Override switch to turn the timer onto ON. Shape allows another plug to be used on the left hand side.
  12. Pot Saucers - UV treated, shatter resistant, extremely durable and easy to use.
  13. Hygen Cornucopia Coco Grow Single Part [1L] - High performance complete plant food for the grow stage of plants.


What are the benefits of using a Complete LED Grow Tent Kit?

There are several benefits to using a Complete LED Grow Tent Kit, including ease of setup, complete control over your plant's environment, enhanced photosynthesis, and savings from discounted components. These kits include everything you need for successful plant growth and cater to beginners and advanced growers alike.

How does a grow tent boost photosynthesis in plants?

A grow tent is designed with light-reflecting material on all sides, ensuring that the maximum number of leaves receive as much light as possible. This increased exposure to light boosts photosynthesis rates in plants, leading to faster growth and better yields.

What makes the LED Grow Light in these kits effective for plant growth?

The LED Grow Lights in the Complete Grow Tent Kits feature high efficiency white light LED boards, full-spectrum white light, reliable passive cooling with a 10mm thick heatsink, and better canopy light penetration with diffused light. These features ensure optimal performance for both vegetative and flowering stages.

How do I choose between the different LED Grow Tent options available?

The main differences between the three Complete LED Grow Tent Kits are the LED Grow Lights and the size of some components, such as the fabric pots and Canna Coco Cubes. To choose the best kit for your needs, consider the desired colour temperature and the size of pots and growing medium you prefer. Check the comparison table for more information about each option.

Are there any warranties or guarantees provided with the purchase of a Complete LED Grow Tent Kit?

Yes, the LED Grow Lights included in the kits come with a 2-Year Warranty for the HLG driver and parts through Aqua Gardening. Additionally, hanging ratchets for the LED lights are also included.

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