DTPA Iron Chelate 11%, suitable for aquaponics. Use 1 scoop (10g) per 1000L of water to raise the iron chelate level by 0.5ppm. We recommend an Iron Chelate content of between 0.5 and 1.0ppm, however in hydroponics it is common to use an iron chelate content of above 2.0ppm.

How much DTPA Iron Chelate is required?

How much iron your system needs depends on

  • the type and quantity of plants being grown;
  • the iron (if any) in your water source; and
  • how much iron is present in your fish food.

Typically, aquaponic systems are iron deficient because there is little iron in your water source or your fish food. As a rough guide, an IBC aquaponic system with a single grow bed and 600-700L of water will require 2 scoops per month. An aquaponics system consisting of 3 square metres of grow space and 1,400L of water will require 3 to 4 scoops of DTPA iron chelate per month.

Measuring Iron Chelate

To measure the iron chelate in your system, an iron test kit is very useful. Use the first test for "available iron" to see how much iron is readily available for the plants in your system. The second test for "iron chelate" checks how much chelated iron is left in the system ready to be broken down into available iron. The second test is a measure of how much iron chelate is "banked" for future use. Some types of fish will be affected by iron chelate levels in excess of 1.0ppm. For more information about DTPA Iron Chelate and other types of iron in Aquaponics, check out our article on chelated iron.


SKU AG1532
Brand Future Gardens
Type Nutrient Powder

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