High performance bio media with a particularly large surface area.

Oase Hel-X bio media uses technology from industrial waste water treatment that has been perfected for ponds and aquaponics. In the development of the Hel-X bio-media, priority was placed on maximising the extremely important protected surface area.  This is vital for maintaining a stable bio-film. The unique Hel-X helical geometry makes this possible, in addition to offering low flow resistance. In the moving bed filter process, the useful micro-organisms are provided with optimal ambient conditions for the nitrification process.

Oase Hel-X Bio Media Benefits

  • Maintenance-free, self-cleaning filter medium in a moving bed system.
  • Uniform distribution of aquaponic or pond water through the entire filter medium.
  • Neutral floating behaviour
  • Large surface for settlement of micro-organisms (859m2/m3).
  • The protected surface area is significantly larger than that offered by comparable bio-mediums (704m2/m3).
  • Removes ammonia NH3/ammonium NH4 and nitrite NO2 (nitrification)
  • Removes Nitrite NO3 (de-nitrification), thus there is less algae growth.
  • Ideal extension in the ProfiClear Premium moving bed system
  • Also suitable for existing filters with moving bed technology

For a video on how the bio media works see here.


SKU AG2009
Brand Oase Commercial
Type Pond Filtration

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