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Bluelab has developed an innovative and essential range of testing and monitoring equipment for anyone who wants to optimise growing conditions for their plants and crops. Their range of meters and testing pens enables you to test any or all of pH levels, temperatures and conductivity levels.

Some of their combo meters even allow you to monitor the growing conditions from any location in the world through a mobile application. We recommend using Bluelab for any Hydroponics or Aquaponics system for optimal yields.

Get the most from water-based plant growing systems with the Bluelab pH pens, pH tests, digital soil pH meters & pH sensors.


BUILT FOR GROWERS - Created for the growing environment

Bluelab's entire product range has been developed with growers, for growers. This means that our robust, accurate and easy-to-use tools can withstand the knocks and drops that come with everyday growing. Whether you’re growing in soil, hydroponic solution or any other media, we have the perfect product for you.


NEW ZEALAND-MADE QUALITY - Trusted by growers like you for over 30 years

For generations, Bluelab has made the tools that help growers achieve exceptional crop and yield. Based in New Zealand, our team is international, with offices in the United States and in Europe. Our products and our support are second to none and, above all, our goal is to help growers unlock their crop’s full potential, where each plant experiences thriving growth and optimal health. All our products have been designed and manufactured in New Zealand.


THE ART OF GROWING - for a healthier world

At Bluelab, we believe in elevating the standard of growing into an art form. Our vision is of a healthier world, free of pesticides, reduced water usage and fewer food miles. Discover more about how we plan to educate and empower the controlled environment agriculture growers of the future.

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