Hydroponic Nutrients

Premium hydroponic nutrients in Australia

Increase the yield and overall results of your hydroponic system with Aqua Gardening’s wide range of hydroponic nutrients. Available for delivery across Australia, we carry an extensive collection of nutrient kits, including nutrients for the growth stage, flowering stage, powdered nutrients and nutrients designed for growing in coco coir. Hydro nutrients are also know as npk fertilizers, hydroponic solutions or just plant fertilisers, with Australian brands such as Professors, Green Planet and overseas made nutrients such as Canna, Mills and House & Garden! Aqua Gardening stocks the premium range of Hydroponic Nutrients and also certified organic nutrients / fertliisers. To take your growth and flowering even further, shop our range of hydroponic additives. Check out our learning hub and video below to help you make the right selection.

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