Top 5 Aquaponics Products of 2022

Top 5 Aquaponics Products of 2022

Here's a list of our teams Top 5 Recommended Products of 2022

API Quick Testing Strips

The fastest and easiest way to determine water quality and ensure the biological filtration is working as it should for your fish and plant’s health. We find these strips great to just dip in on a busy day to ensure that our systems are in check without needing to use test tubes and droppers like other testing methods.

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Bluelab pH Controller with Built-In Peridoser Pump

with the common pH swings that occur in Aquaponics, this device has come in handy with our Family Kit in store - we have set it at a pH of 6.5 and let it run it’s magic, leading us to zero lock out issues in our plants this year!

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Circular Fish Net with Aluminium Handle

TWe have a few nets pass through our store, this is the best one for versatility and durability - the net has not torn or become tangled with other objects in our supply cupboard. The size has been perfect for both our large Jade Perch, but the larger surface area has also been helpful for the speedy native fish in our showroom pond.

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Aqua One Glass Water Heater

Our pond dropped to a chilly 13’C this winter before we installed one of these heaters. Temperature plays a huge role in fish health and immune response, we noticed an improvement in our fish’s wellbeing when using a heater over the colder months - this is great for smaller systems or ones under cover or indoors that may not have the chance to heat up under the sun.

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PondMAX EV Series Pumps  

Our EV4900 is still going strong in our Family Kit - it’s seen a few tough situations this year, as is the journey with Aquaponics, such as cleaning out our grow beds and huge amounts of sediment passing through. With the proper maintenance, this pump has kept our system running for years now - the flow rates and head heights are great for these pumps and they are the easiest to match to any size system with the range available.

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