Top 5 Indoor Products 2022

Top 5 Indoor Products 2022

Here's a list of our teams Top 5 Recommended Products of 2022

Verti-Clip Breezin Fan/strong>

We love the strength of the clip, which securely clamps onto most tent pole sizes with ease. It’s our most affordable oscillating fan, which helps it cover a greater area moving back and forth, providing the essential air current across canopies.

Shop Verti-Clip Fan here

Mondi Propagation Kit

This kit is our go to Propogation Kit - the Goldilocks of Propogation Kits. Decent size for dozens of seedlings? Check. In-built lattice tray for drainage? Check. Durability compared to others on the market? Check. We have been using the same one the entire year at our Showroom.

Shop Mondi Propagation Kit here

Grove TerpLoc Bags

The word sustainability comes up with Grove TerpLoc bags, but maybe not in the sense we are used to - Grove TerpLoc bags sustain any product inside with the specialist lining which does not break off any terpenes or flavour. It allows you to save your harvest of many dried herbs or chilis for a long time, while preventing mould and retaining humidity levels, reducing waste of food.

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Aussie Mushroom Bags

We love the Aussie Mushroom Co and all their products - the Mushroom Bags are most beneficial for an indoor tent, and being locally made, we find their availability a lot more desirable too.

Shop Aussie Mushroom Range here

Lumatek UV Supplement Bar  

A late edition to our catalogue last year, but they flew off the shelf. We like the ease of hooking them up to pre-existing Lumatek set-ups - all you need is one power cable, and then you can link up dozens of bars with daisy chain cables, great for any size indoor grow without too many extra plugs!

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