Top 5 Pond Products 2022

Top 5 Pond Products 2022

Here's a list of our teams Top 5 Recommended Products of 2022

Maintain for Ponds

Sometimes you never know what the exact problem with your pond is? Is is algae causing issues? Or organic matter not breaking down? We often recommend Maintain for Ponds as it is a dual fighting pond treatment for algae, sludge and water conditions, plus it’s dosing pump makes it the easiest way to treat your pond.

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Ideal Seal

This is our go-to sealant for two reasons - it’s ease of application with any regular caulking gun, and it’s universal nature; it can cure underwater meaning it is great for glueing down rocks or features, sealing leaks, or connecting pipes/components.

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PondMAX Pre-Filter Sponges

Sometimes you don’t need fancy new filters, with extra electricity requirements and plugs. Sometimes you just need to harness the power of nature! That’s why we often suggest PondMAX PreFilter sponges as they boost the biological filtration of your existing pond and pump, no other bells and whistles necessary!

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Oase Filtral

These are the greatest all-in-one filters in our eyes. There is no need to have an external filter, nor match the correct pump with a filter, as it all comes in one. We love the UVC filter being a component, but the inclusion of a fountain kit is also great for aesetics and aerating the water, another benefit from one single unit!

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Ammonia SOS Kit  

You need to have one of these on hand, as you never know when a spike might occur. Unfortunately at our store this year, there were a few fish funerals, but the ammonia SOS kit gave us peace of mind for the other fish remaining. We also found out that not only does it reduce ammonia in the water, phosphates also bind to minerals in this kit, so it is great for algae blooms too.

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