Top 5 Soil Products of 2022

Top 5 Soil Products of 2022

Here's a list of our teams Top 5 Recommended Products of 2022

Water Filter Chlorine and Sediment Remover

Great for filtering solids from captured rainwater and improving the qualities of treated water to support micro-life in soils & compost tea.

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ISC TurboDirt Water only Soil

Effective and budget-friendly living soil mix. Simple to get started with and ready to use. Many options available for re-amending with compost mixes and dry amendment kits when needed.

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Neem Cake

top dress or mix into a new soil, brings natural pest control benefits and an extra nutritional source for organic gardens as it breaks down over time.

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Bokashi One Mix

use it in your compost and in your soil, bokashi mix can help to enrich microbial diversity and nutrients in the soil when added to soil mixes, and boost the speed and quality of compost processes. Bokashi composting systems are perfect for home-composting when space is limited.

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Alfalfa Meal  

Don't forget to mulch! Mulches like alfalfa meal are a great tool in a productive organic garden. Improving water use efficiency, and providing long-term nutrition to the soil. Alfalfa meal is an excellent choice for its balanced nutrient levels, and its benefit to microbial life.

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