Top 5 Hydro Products of 2022
Author: Aqua Gardening
Date: 25 January 2023

Top 5 Hydro Products of 2022

Here's a list of our teams Top 5 Recommended Products of 2022

BlueLab pH Pens

We love these pens because of the accuracy between calibrations - it offers a two-point calibration, and can hold the calibrated values for up to a month before needing to calibrate again - great for saving on buffers and time.

Shop BlueLab here

The AutoPot Range

We still love our Autopots in the store - we even grew pumpkins for Halloween in one! The expandable, modular nature of them where you can hook various pots up to the same reservoir is what sells it for us, as well as it’s ease. Great for a beginner to try, and then they can expand when they are more confident!

Shop AutoPot range here

Sleeps With The Fishez

This product is the best way to clear out pathogens from your system - be it NFT, DWC, or recirculating. We love adding it as a preventative measure for root rot, and then pulling out bright white root systems at the end of the grow thanks to the oxygenated root zone and Sleepz With The Fishez.

Shop Sleeps With The Fishes Here

GreenPlanet Rezin

We found Rezin worked great with the rest of the Green Planet Nutrient schedule, but also added it as a terpenator with other lines of nutrients.

Shop GreenPlanet Rezin here

The Grow Vault Tent Range  

With three compartments, we love having our propagation domes, seedlings, and show-stopping plant in one space! This year we’ve had a bonsai eucalyptus lavender in the main compartment, as well as Golden Nugget Pumpkins, and currently we are growing a Neem tree.

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