Propagation Lab

Propagation Lab

Getting plants to fill your garden is a perennial task for the ongoing productivity and rewards for all gardeners, although grabbing a few punnets from the hardware store is quick and easy there are multitude benefits for mastering propagation instead.

Propagation from cuttings is the process of rooting segments from a mother plant, also called cloning, cuttings from the same plant will all be genetically identical. The benefits of cuttings/cloning are the ability to rapidly multiply plantlets, with known characteristics, which is especially beneficial when you can clone elite varieties or cultivars.

Starting seeds is great because it allows for more genetic diversity conferring better disease resistance over time, seeds can be stored or traded when needed, and propagating from seed allows you to select uncommon varieties, heirlooms etc. that may not be readily available in your area. Seeds are also preferable where a plant cannot be reproduced with cuttings e.g. monocots.

Seeds are far cheaper than purchasing new plants and with proper planning, you can harvest your own seeds to use in subsequent seasons.

With some forward thinking, practice and the right equipment gardeners can reap what they sow using propagation.