Wetpot diagram

What are wetpot watering systems?

Wetpot watering systems are a sealed subsurface porous pot watering system which is gravity fed under pressure. Wetpots are a combination ceramic glazed terracotta clay fired pot. It's this combination that allows a Wetpot in a controlled way to slowly seep out water. Wetpots are a clever watering system that saves water whilst growing beautiful green gardens. Up to 70% less water is used.

They are buried under the soil beside your plants and slowly seep out water under gravity pressure, keeping the soil moist to provide gardens with the moisture needed for strong healthy plants. The pots are connected to each other by plastic pipe and are also connected to a water source.

The water source can be a water tank or a small storage tank which can be supplied with the pots in the kit option. It is a closed system so ants and dirt cannot enter the system to block it as with other systems. The Egyptian and other ancient civilisations used this type of porous pot watering system many hundreds of years ago. It's not until now that the wetpot watering system has been advanced for modern day usage.

As the plants develop, their roots wrap around the wetpots and only take as much or as little water as they require.

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Wetpot watering a plant

Wetpot Watering System Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Very efficient direct watering to plants roots
  • Saves water - using as little as 1/2 litre per emitter per week!
  • Grow lush healthy plants in a drought or where other watering systems are restricted or banned
  • Automated garden watering system without electricity or gadgets
  • Perfect for pot plants or in the garden