Aquaponics Video Library

Learn all about Aquaponics Online with Aqua Gardening's Video Library! We've taken our practical experience, testing, and knowledge about automatic gardening systems and put it together in short videos for you to watch at home or wherever you are on your mobile device.

With Books and DVD's becoming out of date quickly in this new field of horticulture, we thought it would be best to educate with online videos which will always stay up to date with the latest technology and developments in the industry.

In our online video library you can learn about

  • Benefits of Aquaponics and the healthy aspects of eating Aquaponic grown organic food.
  • How your Aquaponic system will save you space in your garden, and money!
  • See our customer's success stories
  • Learn how many fish you can grow and what you need in your Aquaponics System
  • Get scientific with pH and growing media

Don't forget to sign up to our Growing With Benefits rewards program to find out how to get access to our Member's only Aquaponics Video Training to dive deeper into maintaining your system and reading your plant and fish behaviour!


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